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In a world of  two hour epics with budgets toppling a hundred million dollars, Hollywood maverick Joyce L. Chow is banging them out at 15 seconds a pop!

Meet the Director

Joyce L. Chow is one of the most recognizable faces behind the scenes on the red carpet. Publicists, journalists, producers, directors and studio heads all holler, "Get Joyce!"  Joyce L. Chow  is coveted by the industry for one reason. She makes things happen. As a red carpet veteran, Joyce constantly noticed actors being interviewed and far too often finding themselves at a loss for a current project to promote. Although invention is the mother of necessity, in this case, Joyce L. Chow is the mother of necessity. Joyce decided to take matters into her own hands and create 'A Mini Movie' . Birthed as result of her burning passion to help create a platform for up an coming actors and veteran actors a like, 'A Mini Movie' has made it all the way to the silver screen of the Canns Film Festival. Stay tuned for 'A Mini Movie coming soon to a mini movie theater near you!"

'A Mini Movie' is making Big Noise!

 Tuesday May 8th kicks off the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival and 'A Mini Movie' will be there! The lightening paced theme of   'A Mini Movie' revolves seven topics with each mini-movie only lasting 15 seconds! The topics are,  "Till Be Determined", "Yes?/No? Ying Yang", "Fifteen Seconds Fame", Sequel of Life", "Love Doubled" , "My Dog Expressions" and "Rock Your Shakespeare". William Shakespeare once said, "Hell hath on fury like a woman scorned" however, if Bill had the known Joyce, he very well  might have changed it to," Hell hath no fury like Joyce L. Chow setting out to help her friends."  


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