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In a world of  two hour epics with budgets toppling a hundred million dollars, Hollywood maverick Joyce L. Chow is banging them out at 15 seconds a pop!

'A Mini Movie' in Cannes!

Tuesday May 8th kicks off the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival and 'A Mini Movie' will be there! The lightning paced Hollywood social media theme of   'A Mini Movie' revolves with each mini-movie snippet lasting only 15 seconds! 

Montebubbles A Mini Movie Selects screened with Animation Days in Cannes during the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2018 in Cannes France. The Mini Movies screened at the Palais were "Fifteen Seconds Fame", "My Dog Expressions", "Love Doubled", "Yes No Yin Yang" and "Sequel of Life". William Shakespeare once said, "Hell hath on fury like a woman scorned" however, if Bill had the known Joyce, he very well  might have changed it to," Hell hath no fury like Joyce L. Chow setting out to help her friends."  

About A Mini Movie Series

Montebubbles makes things happen. As a red carpet veteran, we constantly noticed actors being interviewed and far too often finding themselves at a loss for a current project to promote. Although invention is the mother of necessity, in this case, William Hoehne and Joyce L. Chow were the mother of necessity. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create 'A Mini Movie' . Birthed as result of their burning passion to help create a platform for up and coming actors and veteran actors a like, 'A Mini Movie' has made it all the way to the silver screen of the Cannes Film Festival. Stay tuned for 'A Mini Movie coming soon to a mini movie theater near you!" 

 Joyce Chow and Gloria Kisel have continued the series collaborating with Suzan Hughes as executive producers for their next sequels. Dina Morrone and Clinton H Wallace are consulting producers.  

The Executive Producers

Joyce Chow


After being an exchange student in Japan, congressional intern and studying international business in Denmark, Joyce was focused on fashion and technology business. Since 2005, she has bridging acting, social media, publicity, charity, filmmaking and producing she is has become a Hollywood curator for the arts. She has hosted and produced over 1000 news shows, 52 cooking specials, 400+ travel shows, 500+ entertainment headlines of the day. She has helped to co-create a type of art cinema called The Slide and has worked in VR and 3D. She has been listed in Who’s Who for Animation in Cannes the last couple years in addition to  documentaries in the Marche du Film doc corner. 


Gloria Kisel


Socialite, humanitarian, philanthropist, actor, director, producer and writer, Gloria manages all this while still being a loving mom while living around the world from New York to Europe, Palm Beach and Los Angeles. In Palm Beach she producer, directs and hosts a television show “Palm Beach Now With Gloria Holis” since 1999 which is beneficial to various charities and the environment. As a well known philanthropist, her main areas of concentration are building shelters for battered and abused children, children with HIV, global warming and world hunger. She is heavily involved in stopping cruelty to helpless animals. Coining the phrase “Legion of Angels” where she plans on opening a shelter for children and animals. 


Suzan Hughes


As a dedicated philanthropist and an educator, Suzan Hughes has used her career and connections in the entertainment industry to further the causes that are near and dear to her heart and improve the lives of children worldwide. As a lifelong advocate for children and health, Suzan Hughes is embarking on her new mission – “The Suzan Hughes Education Foundation” (S.H.E.). As the creator of Rollermax ® and fitness exercise series “Take 10 To a Better You” as well as co-founder of the Herbalife Family Foundation, Suzan Hughes is a tireless force of nature on the big screen and stage. 



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