Day One shot sheet

Executive Producer: Joyce ChowProducer: William HoehneDirector: William HoehneA Mini MovieDATE: 7-28-2015WEATHER: Over cast hotCALL TIME10:00LOCATIONS#LocationAddressParkingContactYardStudioStreet Parking out frontScene and DescriptionCastPgsLocSax: very sexyStephania’yardOr apple: blowing smoke to oneNikkiyardOld man walking then sorryWHYard stepsTOTAL PAGES:#CastRoleCall TimePick Up TimeMU/WDSet Call1.Stephania’Stephania’2.NikkiNikki3.WHWHProducerNAMEJoyce ChowProducerNAMEStephania’ProducerNAMENikkiProducerNAMEWilliam HoehneSorry: WHTiles: Cee JSo: BCLong: J CeeOnly: SUHave; ETOne: NikkiWord: Ming Toy

A Mini Movie

Once upon a time before film shorts there were mini movies, now we’re bringing back a mini movie.